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Digital Coach Mike – “Simple Solutions to your digital troubles”

The vast majority of users of digital technology are totally lame in getting the most out of the investment of their time and money.

- Seth Godin

A better question would be, Why am I here? Me, Digital Coach Mike.

I’m uniquely qualified to do this because or three things.

    1. I have a desire to help people
    2. I have a passion for technology
    3. I DON’T have a computer science degree (therefore I speak plain English)


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Garland County

1) Hot Springs is a tourist town. 2) Southern Garland County is more populated than the north. 3) Hot Springs Village is mainly a retirement community. 4) 5,000 People commute into Garland County 5) 10,000 People commute out of Garland County 6) Hot Springs is number seven on the list of poorest cities in the …

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Google Docs vs Dropbox

[important] Wow! Aaron Traffas over at has written a fantastic article comparing and contrasting Google Docs and Dropbox.  I’ve long been an advocate of both and continue to use both. However, as Arron points, they are not the same animal, nor do they accomplish the same tasks. Each has its place and when used correctly can not …

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A Simple Flashlight

There are many types of flashlights on the market today. From tiny key-chain flashlights to the worlds most powerful flashlight, coming in at 4100 lumens,  “The Torch”,  it shouldn’t take the shopper long to find the perfect flashlight, or, as they say in Canada and Europe, “Torch”. For the purpose of this essay we will be using on …

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